UPDATED: July 22, 2005


Inspired by Tim Ventura's (American Antigravity) information about the NAZI Bell Experiment, I decided to try a simple experiment. I managed to capture by photo what I call a "Diagravitic Effect".


Figure 1. Diagravitic test.

Shown in Fig. 1 are two Gravitrons glued together and placed on a spring scale. These Gravitrons are available at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Illinois.


Figure 2. The Gravitron.


Figure 3. A slight difference is observed between a spinning and non-spinning system.

What I discovered is an effect similar to diamagnetism. In diamagnetism, two spinning/counter-spinning magnetic fields cancel each other such that the element has NO net magnetic field. However, applying an external magnetic field to the spinning system causes the element to produce a "counter-magnetic field". The element Bismuth has this property. I observed a similar gravitational effect, which I call "diagravitic" simply by spinning/counter-spinning "non-magnetic" discs. The difference I observed is shown above in Fig. 3.

The theory is that two spinning/counter-spinning discs produces a temporal effect, which generates a counter-gravitic force against gravity. This ISN'T antigravitational, but a counteracting or opposing gravitational force.


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