UPDATED: July 1, 2007


The Common Computing Initiative or CCI has been chosen for the next generation of Intalek Inc. research and development projects. This one standard core hardware/software platform or CCI will form the basis for all future R&D projects, and should improve overall reliability, speed the development process, and reduce costs.


Figure 1. phyCORE MPC5554 Rapid Development Kit.


Figure 2. phyCORE MPC5554 Rapid Development Kit.


Figure 3. phyCORE MPC5554 Rapid Development Kit.


The heart of this kit is the phyCORE-MPC5554 Single Board Computer module:

"... The Freescale MPC5554 PowerPC microcontroller embodies the continued development of the successful MPC500 family. This device expands upon the functions and features of the MPC565 by offering enhanced eTPU and eQADC, as well as more than doubling the clock frequency to 132MHz and introducing an Instruction Cache while requiring a low 1V5 core power supply. 5V, 3V3 and 1V5 core supply voltages are generated on-board. The MPC5554 offers system performance of up to five times higher than its MPC500 predecessors. It offers 2 MB on-chip Flash memory, enhanced timer systems, and a peripheral set tailored for automotive and industrial applications. Based on the PowerPC architecture and instruction set, the MPC5554 32-bit embedded controller has been designed for real-time control applications such as automotive powertrain systems. ..."

In addition, the kit includes the PCM-979 Carrier Board:

"... The phyCORE-MPC5554 Carrier Board is fully equipped with all mechanical and electrical components necessary for the speedy and secure insertion and subsequent programming of the phyCORE-MPC5554 module with high density (0.635 mm pitch) pin header connectors. Decoded RS-232 and CAN interfaces extend from the module to dual-stacked DB9-sockets on the Carrier Board, while Ethernet signals extend to an RJ-45 connector. A 38-pin Nexus connector provides a debugging interface. ..."

The kit includes the P&E's PKGPPCNEXUS software development package:

This software suite provides the capability to compile, debug, and flash program user C code for PowerPC 55xx devices. The suite includes the P&E In Circuit Debugger, Flash Programmer, and WinIDE integrated environment with built-in GCC Compiler.

Attached to PCM-979 Carrier Board is Bare PCB Expansion Board:

This board interfaces expands all the GPIO and special function signals coming to and from the MPC5554 SBC. Various sensors, switches, relays, indicators, displays, drivers, etc can be placed on this EURO-card dimensions (100 x 160 mm) board.


Figure 4. The Common Computing Initiative for all future R&D activities.