Consulting Terms and Conditions

I will need a preliminary project requirements document from you, the client, detailing what you want done. This can be a high-level abstract document. I will produce a proposal detailing what is required of my labor.

My fee is $125.00/hour plus expenses, plus any additional services I may require.

Any technology I develop (I call deliverables) for the project BELONGS to you, the client. This includes any hardware schematics, hardware prototypes, software, software documentation, and technical documents. Non-Disclosure Agreements, or NDAs and secrecy agreements should be limited to the technology developed for you, the client, and generally have a time limit of not more than two years.

I define deliverables as "benchmark" deliverables, which include the above. This means that at a proposed time, a deliverable is shipped to you, meeting the requirements as stated. Any change to the requirement by you, the client, may impact costs and/or the delivery schedule.